27/01/2014 Tech tips 0


Today I made up my mind and started learning HTML5 from this guy’s tutorial on youtube. He has a nice voice and explains everything in a very clear manner and a high video quality.

I wanted the best editor around and I found it: . At the first sight it looks like a simple and fast editor, but if you add to it you get a SUPER EDITOR! I started to learn programming for some years and every time I gave up because it was overwhelming…I learned the basic notions of html, php, python, java, java script and c++. HTML5 is different – it’s actually accessible for people with little prior knowledge about programming as myself.

I am really excited about my first lessons in HTML5 and I am confident things will get better this time. It’s nice to see that there are so many free tutorials out there and that people are willing to sacrifice their time and resources to help others. It restores my faith in humanity 🙂