The cigarette men

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Cigarette men are people in our life that have the same effect as a drug. We know that that they are bad for us, but they have that special flavour, they bring us comfort when we feel angry or sick, they are always close to our heart when life gets tough. But they also poison our souls, slowly and continuously until it gets harder to breathe with or without them. We could let them go, but then life would be boring and we would have moments of embarassment when we would have nothing to do with our arms that now are now holding without thinking too much about it the cigarette men.
There are all kinds of cures for this addiction, but cure doesn’t bring something better to replace what has been lost, it just removes the poison and the flavoured smoke from the rooms of our heart and lets it empty, clean and useless. And what can you do with a clean and empty heart? Join Jehovah’s witnesses? (just kidding!)

The cigarette men burn…

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