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Poisoned words

In Romanian we use an expression for the times when someone is angry and says offensive + bitter words to other people: a-și vărsa veninul(translated: to spill her/his venim). Some people keep the venim inside and they become bitter, others put the venim into sharp words and carefully prepare a rain of poisoned arrows…

13/06/2014 0

Lame Flirting Phrases

Photo taken from   As you know, most men are not too creative when it comes to picking up women. Here you can find some classic lame flirting phrases: 1. I’m no Fred Flintstone, but I can make your Bedrock. 2. I lost my number , can i have yours? 3. Did it hurt…
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06/03/2014 0

There is no right path, just options

I used to wonder…what should I do in life? What is the right path to follow? Then I used to find something that worked perfectly for me, improved my life and made me happy and I thought that I found nirvana for everyone, but this was definitely not the case. Even if my way worked…
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05/02/2014 0

Opposite forces

Source I saw a wonderfully romantic and tragic film with Sophia Loren – “Sunflower“. Even though the end was extremely painful, I got back to my cold blood state after a few moments. Feelings so intense hardly ever exist in our real world. There is good in every evil. We could never feel the eternal…
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26/01/2014 0

There’s order inside the border

Image source Imagination has no borders, they say. I can travel with my mind in any direction and create worlds completely pure. My universes were never distorted by any foreign thought and no one could ever suspect how they look like unless I reveal a shade of their complex, twisted shape and content. I have…
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14/01/2014 0

Pain is smoke

If no words to express pain were ever written and no painful sound was ever heard again, then time will delete it from my memory. If no vibration occurred, if I keep them hidden and try to think of something else, the universe itself won’t be aware that my pain is there waiting to burst,…
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