Brave Browser

Brave Browser

01/12/2018 Tech tips 0


One day I decided that I am sick of Google and Chrome and everything American. Why? Look at the taxes they pay in countries like Romania. I don’t think it’s fair to get so much money from ads in so many countries, export the profits and only invest to develop one nation, so I started to search for a European search engine which:

  • is at least half as good as Google
  • cares about our privacy
  • could be interested in helping people who live in the European Union.

Fortunately, I found one: it’s called Qwant and I absolutely love it! Qwant is an independent search engine based in Europe and was first launched in France and Germany. These are the settings that this European search engine provides:


They have a light and a dark theme, but I prefer the dark one.

By reading more about Qwant, I discovered a new browser called Brave which uses Qwant as its default search engine. It’s based on Chrome, so you will get almost identical options, settings and look, but the thing that I found most interesting about it is that you can also support your favorite websites and content creators while earning some money yourself. I have been waiting for a long time for a browser/search engine that will pay both the users for their attention and content creators for their efforts. All you need to do is to activate Brave Payments.

Google and Facebook should not be the only ones who profit from users attention. Your time and attention are worth something and you deserve to get somethin back in return!