Author: Maricela Potoc

Programmer & Mechatronics student

The Bewitched Charles II

Today I read the life story of Charles II (Spanish: Carlos II), the last Habsburg ruler of Spain who was called by some of those who new him The bewitched. Even though he only livedfor 39 years(1661 –1700), he had an incredible will to live and he was a very interesting subject for autopsy I […]

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Opposite forces

Source I saw a wonderfully romantic and tragic film with Sophia Loren – “Sunflower“. Even though the end was extremely painful, I got back to my cold blood state after a few moments. Feelings so intense hardly ever exist in our real world. There is good in every evil. We could never feel the eternal […]

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There’s order inside the border

Image source Imagination has no borders, they say. I can travel with my mind in any direction and create worlds completely pure. My universes were never distorted by any foreign thought and no one could ever suspect how they look like unless I reveal a shade of their complex, twisted shape and content. I have […]

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Pain is smoke

If no words to express pain were ever written and no painful sound was ever heard again, then time will delete it from my memory. If no vibration occurred, if I keep them hidden and try to think of something else, the universe itself won’t be aware that my pain is there waiting to burst, […]

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