Month: February 2014

The best audio tagger for Linux

I was having a huge dilemma – I can’t give up on Linux and could not find a good audio tagger for Linux. I spent many hours searching for the best alternative to MediaMonkey for Linux and finally I found not just an alternative, but actually a better and faster audio tagger than MediaMonkey. So…let…
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11/02/2014 0

Enable javascript in firefox

I use linux(fedora)now and sometimes one update messes up things, so I need to fix them. I often can’t see videos right or some web pages show up with missing elements. Not anymore since I got a fix. I wanted to access google drive and I was told I need to enable javascript in firefox…
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10/02/2014 0

There is no right path, just options

I used to wonder…what should I do in life? What is the right path to follow? Then I used to find something that worked perfectly for me, improved my life and made me happy and I thought that I found nirvana for everyone, but this was definitely not the case. Even if my way worked…
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05/02/2014 0