Aug 14

No sound in windows 8.1

I was really angry to discover frequent sound issues with windows 8.1. The sound icon shows up as mute and when I press the troubleshoot button no fix is available. Fortunately I found a small and quick hack to help … Continue reading

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Aug 01

Crazy rainbow

Photo source: “If you are sad will you talk like you have a rainbow coming out of your ass? No!” -quote from a friend

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Jul 30

Brick click

Photo source: Pandektis In this game of hide and seek I don’t know which one to pick Being numb or feeling sick Feeling dumb just like a stick Looking like a lonely freak Living under a brick Click.

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Jul 04

Being a man from a woman’s perspective

I don’t have a fix, standard definition for what being a man is, but I recognise very clearly a lack of masculinity in the case of some men. I appreciate the sensitive men, those who speak their mind even if … Continue reading

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Jun 13

Poisoned words

We often say that words don’t matter, the facts make the difference and for some words is true, but not for the poisoned words. The poisoned words are arrows which, when you fight with someone and you are angry, you … Continue reading

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Jun 12

Cigarette men

Cigarette men are people in our life that have the same effect as a drug. We know that that they are bad for us, but they have that special flavour, they bring us comfort when we feel angry or sick, … Continue reading

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Apr 28

The search for relevancy

Today when we are bombarded with information both online and offline how do we choose what is relevant for us and what isn’t? There are some issues with relevancy and we need to get to the bottom of it to … Continue reading

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Apr 20

Can you create natural and findable content or are they mutual exclusive?

When it comes to writing, most of the times you can notice two types of people: gifted writers and SEO professionals. So, can a gifted writer learn to use and apply the skills of a SEO professional? Can a SEO … Continue reading

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Apr 16

Human evolution, just a myth?

In order to get a right answer to this question, what we need to do is to get back in time and read some history lessons. Do you notice any pattern in human behaviour over the years? I am sure … Continue reading

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Apr 12

Anyone willing to learn can get a job in the tech industry…really?

As you know, all the information on the web on how to be a programmer or an online marketer is free, so it seems that anyone willing to learn can get a job in the tech industry. This is a … Continue reading

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